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Thursday, August 26, 2010


64 Bug

daily selection by mosey


  1. What's not to love? Plus, when my six year old saw this she hollered "PUNCH BUGGY GREEN!!!" and whacked me.

  2. Kyle says, "Hey... no fair. I spotted it first Sweetpea. So Punch Buggy no Punch Back to you."

    Great photo. Missing my vintage VW dunebuggy.

  3. I love those old cars. Brings back memories of riding around in my older sister's bug.
    lovely image

  4. My hubby LOVES old Bugs! Too cool!

  5. i just remembered our old bug, it does bring back old happy memories =)

  6. I'm dreaming of a road trip in this adorable car - leaving a set of bruised shoulders along the way as everyone we pass plays slug bug

  7. I wanted it first!!! when you want to sell-call me Mr. :) I have always loved that car-excpet I have to say the turquoise one in town-I absolutely LOVE!!!


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